Yello Sno 14.7:Piping Hot

Hello everyone,

Over the past week I’ve had several people call me regarding the “Pipe Down” they read about me in the December issue of TWS. I have to admit I don’t have time to read the magazine often anymore, and probably never would’ve seen it had it not been for the dozens of people who brought it to my attention. I know most of you are not directly responsible for it, but unfortunately it reflects on the company and the magazine as a whole. From what was read to me over the phone (I still haven’t read it), I guess I agree with everything that was said about me, so I’ve been trying to shrug it off. But what bothers me is why my former colleagues would publish something blatantly intended to slander me long after I left the company in July 1998. I also don’t understand why you guys would even publish a column with the sole intention of publicly cutting people down. How does that benefit your readers?

For starters, there’s no need to tell me to “get out of the snowboard industry,” because I left years ago. I’m the editor of Surfer Girl magazine, contributing editor to Surfer, and women’s editor for surf publications. Putting Brooke Geery and I into the same category is a bit shocking-about the only thing I have in common with this extremely intelligent and talented nineteen-year-old from Vermont is that we’re both women. (Is this such a pathetic and diluted situation that I’m going to have to play the sexist card?) Not to mention I don’t think snowboarder boys are that cute-I’ve always been partial to skiers.I’ve always had a lot of respect for all of you and am mystified by your lack of respect for me. I’m especially confused by your untimely way of showing it. It sucks having to field all these phone calls from people who are “wondering what I did to piss TransWorld off.” Do you guys have any answers, because I have no idea what to tell them.

With appropriate regard,Ali