Yello Sno 14.7: Bulletproof

Remember when snowboarding videos were more about debauchery and pre-pubescent antics than the latest hip-hop soundtrack and helicopter-accessed camera angles? Well some of us still do, and thank the stars Whitey McConnaughy and Dave England haven’t grown up and out of the days of Whiskey 1 and Sexual Chocolate.

Bulletproof is a collaboration between Kingpin and the Dry Hump Studios Ý la MTV’s Jackass. Many of the jackasses who appear in Jackass have cameos: Dave Carnie, Chris Pontius, and Dry Hump’s own, England. There is a poo section, a vomit section, and even two stop-motion animation segments, all of which are sure to offend and disgust anyone over eighteen.

Included are a few out takes from Kingpin’s Destroyer and many of the snowboarders who appeared in that flick are also featured here. Extended parts by the “King Of All Rails” Jason ‘J2’ Rasmus, Barrett Christy, and Nico Droz keep the riding sections fresh and progressive. Make sure to note all the ridiculously amazing footage in the section “Two Days with Jussi.” That kid really rode well to get all those moves in only two days. J2 deserves his own variety show. It could be called, “Two’s Amateur Hour,” and feature the characters he, Mikey LeBlanc, and Scotty Wittlake make up. Dry Hump could have an ongoing animation segment. The Mullet Brothers could be regular guests-it would be classic.

It’s funny, it’s disgusting, and it’s worth twenty-bucks.