Wynen and Molly Aguirre Take AST Sugar Bowl

By George Crosland

Luke Wynen and Molly Aguirre take the pipe comp at Sugarbowl! It was a tight battle, down to the last few runs. Luke and Molly won the day but Mason Aguirre and Autumn Rose took the AST Paul Mitchell overall titles. Here?s how it all went down.

Coming into the third and final round of the American Snowboard Tour, there were several men and women in contention for the overall. For the men; Wyatt Caldwell, Chris Nelson, Grant Glenn and Mason Aguirre all had a shot. Wyatt and Chris were not on scene, so it was between Grant and Mason. For the women’s overall, it came down to Autumn and Molly.

Saturday marked the end of a small storm. Mixed clouds and sun was the weather forecast. That meant lots of taking the jacket off and putting it back on due to the changing temperatures. Riders seemed to like the Zaugg cut pipe, regardless of the weather, and the judging seemed pretty fair. Before moving on to the finals, one guy’s skills should be mentioned; those of Carson Wooley. Carson did a huge Method Air 360, it was insane, the trick of the day. The un-sponsored ripper is ready for the big time, for sure.

The finals alternated between men and women. It was kinda cool to keep the women in the middle of things. The first set of runs was pretty good, but not outstanding. A few bails and lack of energy seemed to plague the group. They were all on fire for the second run, though. All the riders stepped it up, big time, making round two exciting. Stephen Meyer crushed a crippler, a Haakon flip and other maneuvers to take 3rd. Mason did a huge crippler as well and backed that up with a sick 700 to Haakon Flip combo. Luke Wynen did the biggest 5’s and a sick-ass 900 crippler to take the win. Luke has such style and a killer attitude. Congrats to Mr. Wynen for his win today. Mason?s 2nd place finish secured him the overall series victory. Remember, you heard his name here first; Mason rips.

For the women, Autumn had some technical tricks down; she spun 3’s, 5’s, and an Alley Oop 7. She lacked altitude, but earned 3rd place for the day. Paige Warner went high and spun to second. Molly Aguirre, what can be said? She went the largest, spun 5?s and a seven, she won. The young Aguirre brother/sister combo is powerful now. When they get a little more experience look out! Autumn Rose?s strong showing today meant she was able to take the title of overall women?s champ.

On Sunday there was a Parallel Giant Slalom race. The sunny day provided a course that looked good for carving fast. That racing stuff is ballsy.

The AST throws good events, with a lot of new and old talent showing up. The vibe is mellow, but the action is hot. Thanks to Honda and Paul Mitchell for the support, Sugarbowl for the resort and Stagg Chili for the Grub. This event will be on Fox too. See you on the hill; just look for the dude with whack style and bad hair.


Men’s Pipe
1. Luke Wynen
2. Mason Aguirre
3. Stephen Meyers
4. Nik Batko
5. Franz Baher
6. Coulter Deupree
7. Latimer Watson
8. Dan Wakeman
9. Dave Brumm
10. Grant Glenn

Women’s Pipe
1. Molly Aguirre
2. Autumn Rose
3. Paige Warner
4. Mirjam Meager
5. Kimberly Fasani
6. Jana Manfredi

Paul Mitchell Riders Cup Champs Mason Aguirre
Autumn Rose

Riders Spirit Award
Luke Wynen

Men’s PGS
1. Matt Drinker
2. Colin Bell
3. Ian Price
4. Quinn Orb

Women’s PGS
1. Rebecca Bassett
2. Lynn Ott
3. Erica D Mueller
4. Carolyn Bell