World Snowboarding Championships Big Air

Jussi Oksanen dropped in and promptlystomped a Switch Backside Nine! Not do be out done, Kevin Jones answeredwith his textbook Frontside 900. Travis Parker fired back with a supercorked Backside Seven Indy. Let me remind you this is not the finalsfolks, these are the first runs. No holds barred technical madness inthe dark. Nicolas Droz threw down a Frontside Nine off his heels andteam mate Marc Frank followed it up with a nice flat spinning Cab Nineof his own. I repeat this is not the finals.

With all these technical maneuvers how does one judge this contest? Landing a switch 720 in the tranny was simply not enough. To win this event you need to throw atleast a Nine and land twenty feet too far down the transition, and stompit. The women had a lot of dollars on the line also. Tara performed hertoken Backflip. Dresden Howell did the standard clean Backside 360thing. Kim Bohnsack was getting a piece of that kicker as well. Girlssure snowboard well nowadays.

The amount of spectators was awe-inspiring; it looked like a Guns n’Roses concert. Who knew snowboarding was this cool? Halftimeentertainment was a pre- spinning poacher who got dealt; he didn’t evenmake the tranny.

The men’s second run was another vulgar display ofpower. Pete Line did a Cab Nine Melon and local hero Kevin Sansalonemixed it up with a Switch Rodeo Seven. Marc-Andre Tarte spun around somuch I lost count, the kids good. Dionne Delesalle was performing flatspin Cab Nines with authority. Roger Hjelmstadstuen was landing at thebottom of the tranny every time and not even draggin’ a hand. In thewomen’s final Kim Bohnsack had the contest all wrapped up but wasn’tcontent on cruising to victory. Her ambitions lost her the money but wonall our hearts. Consistency paid off for Dresden Howell. Two Backside360s equaled a cool twenty thousand dollars, wow. Tara Dakides is stillbetter than anyone, it just wasn’t her night.

The men’s final was just silly. Kevin Jones thoroughly stomped a 1080;Pete Line did a Switch 1080 but reverted after landing. RogerHjelmstadstuen pulled out his own 1080 and didn’t even bend his knees.Jussi Oksanen was the last man to drop and took the win with his SwitchBackside Nine. In conclusion, the Sims Big Air was dope! The riding waswhat you expect from these guys and girls and then some. Snowboarders,Stuntmen, call them what you will*I just call them champs, all of them.

1. Jussi Oksanen
2. Roger Hjemstdstuen
3. Kevin Jones
4. Dionne Delesalle
5. Peter Line
6. Sani Alibabic

1. Dresden Howell
2. Marnie Yamada
3. Kim Bohnsack
4. Amelie Verret
5. Tara Dakides
6. Katrina Voutilainen