World Industries Signs Jenke

Huntington Beach, Ca- Today it was confirmed that Max Jenke was added to the World Industries Snow Team. Max, who is a native of Canada, is considered one of the most exposed snowboarders in the industry. In fact, he was rated as the 5th most exposed snowboarder in Transworld Snowboarding Business’ Year End Exposure-Meter.

World is ecstatic about the addition of Max, and regard both his experience and expertise as valuable assets to the team. Max will be involved in adding to the dynamics of the team in terms of both board design and marketing.

Max, is by far, no stranger to this industry. He is heavily involved in the Wildcats and has parts in Whitey’s (King Pin Productions) “Destroyer” video. Max has also been a prominent rider for Dub and Bluetorch, and is also involved with Northwave, Drop, Apollo Px, and Iris.