Photos: Ben Birk

Video: Paul Heran

Words and Captions: Ben Birk

It's june 15th and I'm wearing a t-shirt with sunglasses while all my homies and I shred. Woodward at Tahoe has opened their summer time shred training grounds for a day to the public who want to get one last day of riding in before we pack away the boards and start spending every day down by ‘da beach boi. The lifts opened at 10AM to a rowdy crew of over 150 snowboarders and a few token skiers.  The set up was dope with a really poppy 15ft jump, a 13ft pipe, and around 10 jibs. At the bottom of the hill by the lift was a DJ who was spinning tunes and attempting to humor the crowd with his comedy.

The first rider I saw was Tim Humphreys who was hiking the pipe and using his snowboard to cut hits into the perfect transition. Tim was boosting a large backside air on his first hit and following it up with a cutty frontside slash further down the pipe. The kid was getting it in. Next I noticed the up and coming riders of the Strange Brew crew. A group of young, well dressed, party animals that have tricks, on tricks, on tricks. Brady Lem is hands down one of the nicest snowboarders around and Tommy Gesme ended the trick battle by stomping a large switch backside 270 disaster on the DFD tube.

Other riders that were there included Technine team riders Nick Poohachoff and Andrew Brewer who were running hot laps with Nial Romanek of Flow, Sammy Spiteri and Erik Leon of Arbor, and Jeffrey Sponzo from Gilaffe. Paul Heran was on the scene with his video camera and captured all the madness for an edit which you can peep in this post.  Everyone had smiles and was giving up high fives left and right. If you want to slide some frozen waves of your own this summer but can't make the trek up to Mt. Hood or down to South America check out Woodward At Tahoe to catch that shred fix you have been needing to satisfy so badly.


PHOTO: Ben Birk.