Women's Video Part of the Year

While contests are a good medium to get your name known, a solid video part can propel a rider to renowned ranks within their peer group, and that's exactly what Kimmy Fasani, Marie-France Roy and Robin Van Gyn have been doing for years now. All three of these ladies are capable of winning Women's Video Part of the Year but only one can. However, this isn't the last time you will likely see their names on this roster, as they are three of the world's best in front of the lens and last winter, they logged enough clips to put them at the top of their respective trade.

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Kimmy Fasani // Revelstoke, BC // PHOTO: Erin Hogue

Kimmy Fasani, Turbodojo

Kimmy Fasani has paved the way for females who film over the last few winters. By spending her time less on in-bounds footage and more on the steep and deeps of places like British Columbia and Alaska, she's forging her own path and last winter, with Justin Hostynek and his Absinthe Films crew focusing solely on her, Kimmy pillaged pow across the globe and put out what may be her best video part to date.

Marie-France Roy, Cosa Nostra

Marie-France Roy grew up with the Déjà Vu crew riding street rails and earning her accolades in an urban environment but years back, she decided to hone her sights on the alpine and successfully made the transition into backcountry boardin', and the fruits of her labor are evident now. Marie's part in the Arbor movie Cosa Nostra are inspiring, entertaining and amazing all wrapped up into one and she is more than deserving of this nod for Women's Video Part of the Year.

Robin Van Gyn // Galena, BC // PHOTO: Andy Wright

Robin Van Gyn, Depth Perception

There are few riders on earth who can hang with Travis Rice in the high alpine, and you can officially consider Robin Van Gyn one of them. Together with Bryan Fox, Sweetin and Rice, the four of them put out Depth Perception, one of the most entertaining films of the year, and Robin's footage is ridiculous. From three-story pillow lines to gargantuan backcountry kickers, she destroyed everything that lay in her way and rode away unscathed…and worthy of this nod.

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