Women’s Snowboarding Progresses At The 2015 Burton US Open Halfpipe

Since Kelly Clark first rode away from a 1080 at the 2011 X Games, she’s been the only woman to consistently land the trick in compeition. Although she won her eighth Burton US Open pipe title with one today, 14-year-old Chloe Kim joined Clark in the 10-club after she landed a smooth frontside 1080 tail grab to place second. Kim had just learned the 1080 last week at Mammoth. Third place Arielle Gold also tried a front 10 in her run and Spain's Queralt Castellet committed to a backside double McTwist 1260 before tacoing on the deck.

For Clark, who has been a force in women's competitive snowboarding since she first won the Burton US Open pipe in 2002, and landed the first 1080 for a women at the 2011 X Games, the level of riding was also a victory for women's snowboarding.

"Today I saw these girls doing 10s, and I was like, yes, that's what I was waiting for!" Clark said after the contest. "It's about the progression of women's snowboarding. I was proud and I was excited, I was also pretty overwhelmed getting to stand on the podium for the eighth time at the Open—it's a big deal for me. I'm so grateful to still be a part of snowboarding and I know women's snowboarding will be in good hands whenever these girls take over."

On her victory lap, Clark continued to try to push the limit, nearly riding out of a Cab inverted 900 at the end of her run.

While the men struggled to land their runs with a bit of wind in the afternoon and softer-than-normal rider's right wall, the women had a near perfect pipe in the morning and took full advantage of it, using the last major event of the season to set the bar for next winter's contests.

Kelly Clark’s winning run and interview

Chloe Kim’s second place run and interview

Arielle Gold’s third place run and interview

2015 Burton US Open Women’s Halfpipe Results

1. Kelly Clark, 91.00
2. Chloe Kim, 88.74
3. Arielle Gold, 83.87
4. Xuetong Cai, 71.00
5. Hikaru Oe, 62.62
6. Queralt Castellet, 52.50