Women's Rider of the Year

For a professional snowboarder, the Rider of the Year award is the most coveted of all. To win this category is to cement a legacy and catapult one's status to an elite level, and the nominees listed below are all deserving of taking home the win. The voting will dictate the results, but the jury is already in for these three, and they've concluded that these three had a season that will be remembered.

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Kimmy Fasani // Revelstoke, BC // PHOTO: Erin Hogue

Kimmy Fasani

Kimmy has already cemented her place as one of snowboarding's greats. This past season was a challenging one for Kimmy, as her personal life sent her on an unexpected ride. Despite these challenges, she charged consequential lines and sent macro wedges, seen in her TurboDojo part with Absinthe Films. But Kimmy isn't content in focusing her efforts in snowboarding entirely on herself. As the most accomplished rider on this list, she has made a point to share the knowledge she's acquired during her distinguished career with the next generation, an objective manifested in Amusement MTN, an event that provides less experienced female riders with the knowledge to take their own riding deep into the backcountry like she has.

Anna Gasser // Aspen, CO // PHOTO: Gabe L’Heureux

Anna Gasser

If you've been paying attention you know Anna has been a force in competitive snowboarding for some time, but it was impossible to ignore the accomplishments the 25-year-old Austrian made this season. Anna stood on three X Games podiums this season—with a bronze in Big Air and a gold in Slopestyle at X Games Norway and a silver in Big Air at X Games Aspen. Directly before Norway, she took first place at the Burton US Open, before heading to the southern hemishphere where she spent her summer perfecting aerial complexities like the cab double 1080. Then she went and nabbed first at Air + Style in Beijing with a cab double 900 and a fronside 720 melon. This was Anna's year, and if you didn't know her before, get familiar because she's becoming the one to beat.

Robin Van Gyn // Galena, BC // PHOTO: Andy Wright

Robin Van Gyn

It takes a certain type of rider to hang with Travis Rice on one of his cinematic journeys. This season there were three, and Robin was one of them. With the bar for backcountry freestyle and big-budget production set at Rice's level, Robin rose to the challenge and delivered a result that has put her in a category few achieve. That Robin is comfortable in these critical situations is the product of years of work not only progressing on a snowboard but in her knowledge of the mountains. Tangible proof of Robin authority in the backcountry is demonstrated on-screen by the footage she's produced but also by the certifications she's earned on the path to the point she's at—guiding at Baldface when not riding in front of the lens.

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