Women’s Books

Snowboarding; A Ragged Mountain Press Women’s Guide The new book titled Snowboarding; ARagged Mountain Press Women’s Guide touts an offering of “Everything you need to know to get startedand keep going.” Indeed, this volume, written by Julia Carlson, head coach for Women Only SnowboardCamps, includes expertise from her own experiences, as well as input from women snowboarders of alllevels.

“The intent is not to be Julia Carlson goes off on snowboarding,” the author explains in theacknowledgments, “but various women of the industry (and a couple of quality guys) offering up theircollective wisdom about the sport.” Everything from beginning basics, to gear guides, to tuning techniques,are carefully explained and accented with black and white photos or drawings giving a clear understanding ofwhat the text describes. Also included is a resource guide featuring camps, events, manufacturers, andresorts. A straightforward and passionate read, lacking the bro/brah slang found in other snowboardingbooks, this is a thoughtful and thorough resource for women snowboarders of all levels. -Robyn Hakes