Women’s Boards: Boards designed specifically for lighter riders.

Gone are the days snowboard companies used daisies to disguise decks designed for guysin order to sell them to girls. Women riders are demanding more from their equipment than ever before. Thebasic buying guidelines still apply, though: length, waist width, and flex should all match your body type andriding style. If you’re looking for high performance, check out the large number of pro models on the marketthat are designed by women.

These boards are intended for aggressive riding in varied snow conditions.Non-signature models designed for lightweights and women with smaller feet are out there as well. Yourriding ability is the most important factor. The more you demand from your board, the stiffer you’ll want it tobe. Soft boards are good as well, if you like smooth transitions and easy carving. But remember, justbecause you’re five-foot-four and have size-seven kicks, doesn’t mean you need a soft noodle of a board.There’s enough variety out there to find your perfect match.

-Robyn Hakes