Womens Board Test Bios

Sara Phillips

Age: 24

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 130 pounds

Boot size: 5

Hometown: “Back of my car”

Local mountain: Mammoth

Sponsors: Anon, Holden, Nitro

Sara Phillips’ reputation didn’t follow her across the Pacific from her home in England; all we know is that she washed up on the shores of Mammoth with the nickname “Crazy Sara” and with only a sketchy van to her name. Things really came up for Sara after the board test: by winter’s end she had signed with Holden Outerwear and Nitro Snowboards and found herself initiated into the elite society of Mt. Hood diggers at High Cascade Snowboard Camp.

Sara gets after it on the rails. She was right at home in the jib park at Bear. She says Bear was like a “big skatepark with transitions and jibs everywhere”-perfect for her style of riding. Sara focused her keen eye on dialing in the boards’ stances. She took offense at the lack of stance options on some of the women’s boards, meaning she couldn’t spread ’em wide enough. She prefers a 146 for rails and a 151 for park and everything else, and avoids any boards that are stiff or wide. Her ideal board would be a twin park board with good snap and solid stability, but with enough torsional softness to press tricks and have fun on.

Her testing method was to ride the boards like she was on her own board: “I just ride the park to see if the board rides the way I would want my board to ride.” Easy enough.

Emily Jane Coop

Age: 25

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 150 pounds

Boot size: 10

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

Local mountain: Mammoth Mountain

Sponsors: “My roommate, Jenna Murano”

Emily is hardcore-she’s in the liftline at Mammoth or June before it starts in the morning, and she’s basically swept off the mountain by the ski patrol every night. Emily filled in nicely as our solid, all-around high-speed rider-this girl gets ‘er done.

Emily tested the “most important” qualities in the board first: stability at high speeds and ollie power off jumps. This would let her know right off the bat if she liked the board. She prefers a stiff, narrow setup and likes her boards to be super responsive: “It needs to turn on a dime.” She also looks for pop and stability off jumps. Her ideal board length is between 155 and 163, and she enjoys the twins.

Emily also loved the Junkyard at Bear. “It’s not every day that I get to jib a VW Beetle.” Emily had plans to cruise to the southern hemi this summer, bro, to, you know, get first and last tracks year-round-siiick.

Dana Starr

Age: 26

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 145 pounds

Boot size: 8.5

Hometown: Big Bear

Local mountain: Mammoth

Sponsors: 686 Outerwear, Atomic Snowboards

Dana looks every part the delicate ski bunny, but when she steps on her board, she leaves the other bunnies and their boyfriends in the dust. She splits her time between the slopes of Mammoth and Big Bear. If you’ve ever partied in Mammoth, chances are she’s been your bartender, and yes, she knows what you did that night.

Dana looks for boards with a wide waist width and a little less shape (less sidecut). She says, “I find this type of board to be less responsive or maybe more lazy-which is good.”

Dana shredded in pack formation with the other girls: “First we’d head to the big jump line and then off to boost some vert in the quarterpipe. I’d finish the first run by tail- and nosepressing the boards through the rail and box alley-then it was time for a quick breather and a little chairlift gossip. Then I’d hit the park from the top to bottom again to see how the boards handled the curved rails, rollers, the junkyard VW jib, and a little Superpipe session for a few air-to-fakies and handplants. Done.”

Her impression of the board test? “After this week, I can honestly say that there’re some good park boards for female riders. These boards offer smaller stance options and waist widths, but are still built for aggressive park riding.”