Winter Glissexpo Partners With SIG, Moves To Grenoble

Winter Glissexpo Partners With SIG, Moves To Grenoble

Stunning development in the French trade show market! Winter Glissexpo leaves Paris and relocates to Grenoble (French Alps) to create a single winter sports trade show in France from Sunday, January 20th to Tuesday, January 22nd, 2002.

Gxbiz (Glissexpo’s own e-mail newsletter) met with Ricardo Musafir, one of Glissexpo’s three founders:

Gxbiz: Are you still the director of the Show? Ricardo: Absolutely! And I don’t intend to give up my position until I have seen this current deal through and brought Glissexpo summer back to the degree of success I believe it deserves.

Gxbiz: What about Alain Sevellec? Ricardo: Alain is the co-founder. He stays on as Sales Director and right now, trust me, he’s got quite a bit of work on his hands!

Gxbiz: Why such a partnership between two long-time adversaries?

Ricardo: It’s in the interest of the market and the survival of both trade shows which had a difficult time rounding up a scattered market. It was important to get together in order to get stronger together.

Gxbiz: What are the exact terms of the deal? Ricardo: It is a long-term sales and marketing alliance and not a share swap between the Alpexpo and Gliss’Promotion companies. Gliss’Promotion becomes co-organizer and sales agent for the boardsports end of the market for the winter session, while Alpexpo, being at home, remains the organizer.

Gxbiz: There is no doubt that the heads of the (retailers and manufacturers) federations will welcome this deal but what about the reaction of the market to such a sudden announcement? Ricardo: It’s obviously going to be tricky initially. It will require efforts on the exhibitors’ part and we thank them in advance for that but in the middle term everybody will realize the advantage of having a single winter trade show in France.

Gxbiz: And what about Summer Glissexpo’s recent announcement of its return to the beach? Ricardo: Summer Glissexpo is totally independent from this deal which only concerns the winter shows. Glissexpo will definitely be in Anglet from September 7th to September 10th as announced two weeks ago.

Gxbiz: Isn’t leaving wintertime Paris, a truly international platform, a mistake that will strengthen Ispo in Munich? Ricardo: We tried Paris for 5 winter sessions and in the end it was not conclusive. Our market is specific and its roots are in sports, not in fashion -even if fashions come from our lifestyle. So it was important to return closer to the wintersports Mecca that are the Alps, which is what the Basque Coast is for surfing and summer boardsports. Being next to fashion trade shows only brought strength to those already weakening trade shows and didn’t bring us enough advantages. This new alliance will strengthen our position in southern Europe in complement with Ispo, which is very powerful in northern Europe.

Gxbiz: Does it make you a competitor of the “Snow Avant Première” on snow pro demo at La Clusaz (French Alps, 20mn from Annecy) organized by Philippe Chenu (former Burton French distributor) and Anis (National Snowboard Industry Association)? Ricardo: Not for the moment. All this seems complementary. We will see later.