Words by Andrew J. Hogue / Photography by Aaron Blatt

Mother Nature can be a cold mistress. For those not riding today, it was a constant struggle to stay warm. For those who were, it was all about staying safe amidst sub zero temperatures and fifty mile per hour gusts. The semi-finals are now a wrap, but the weather claimed its victims. Ipod, and Lago went down yesterday, and thankfully, it won't keep them from Winter X next week. However, Brock Waring sustained a concussion after bottoming out on the pipe today. In the end, Matt Ladley took first in the pipe, while Eric Willet locked up the slope. What should have been a warm up for Winter X has turned into a beast of its own. In light of the East Coast drought this winter, we gotta give a shout out to Killington's amazing crew for making this happen. Now, the finals are here and with cash on the line: its time to drop the hammer. Let's hope weather permits.

In the pipe, Ladley qualified first. Close in pursuit was Luke Mitrani, Roger Kleivdal, and Danny Davis, who placed in the top four respectively. With the Dew Cup in hand, the only rider that didn't have to bare the cold was Louie Vito and he was still there to show his support. With Mason Aguirre and Jack Mitrani in the mix, the finals are going to be a contest amongst Frends and close relatives. Due to the weather, the riders kept it pretty low key during the semis. Yet, you can tell they are ready to rip and the stage is set. Tomorrow will be time to fly.

In slopestyle, Eric Willet double cork 1080'ed his way into the top spot, while Staale Sandbech, and Aleksander Ostreng filled out the top three. After placing in the top three at Breck, Gjermund Braaten, Sebastien Toutant, and Charles Reid hold golden tickets, so they will be joining in the fun as well.

1 Matt Ladley 95.25
2 Luke Mitrani 93.00
3 Roger Kleivdal 88.75
4 Danny Davis 87.75
5 Jack Mitrani 84.00
6 Zachary Black 82.50
7 Tore Holvik 79.75
8 Mason Aguirre 78.25
9 Kyle Mack 77.00
10 Spencer Shaw 74.50
11 Scotty Pike 66.25
12 Benji Farrow 64.00
13 Derek Livingston 63.00
14 Fredrik Austbo 62.75
15 Scott Moline 62.50
16 Joeseph Mensch 59.50
17 Hans Mindnich 55.00
18 Bryan Daino 50.00
19 Ryo Aoki 45.75
20 Nils Mindnich 43.50
21 Harrison Gray 41.75
22 Tyler Anderson 21.50
23 Trevor Jacob 16.50
24 Broc Waring 10.00
25 Scott Lago DNS
26 Ben Watts DNS
1 Eric Willett 92.67
2 Staale Sandbech 89.50
3 Aleksander Østreng 88.67
4 Antoine Truchon 85.33
5 Justin Morgan 83.17
6 Mark Mcmorris 79.50
7 Chas Guldemond 79.00
8 Ulrik Badertscher 78.17
9 Jake Aaronson 77.00
10 Robby Balharry 76.17
11 Sondre Tiller 75.33
12 Torgeir Bergrem 74.50
13 Sage Kotsenburg 74.17
14 Ian Thorley 72.50
15 Chris Tierney 72.33
16 Brandon Reis 71.33
17 Ville Uotila 70.00
18 Sam Hulbert 62.83
19 Seth Hill 61.83
20 Pat Burgener 53.00
21 Dash Kamp 52.67
22 Craig Mcmorris 52.50
23 Danny Davis 48.00
24 Nick Julius 43.17
25 Matts Kulisek 42.17
26 Mark Hoyt 42.00
27 Spencer Shaw 41.83
28 Alexander Rodway 33.83
29 Jeremy Thompson 32.83
30 Ryan Hryckiewicz 27.83
31 Kai Wiggins DNS
32 Mason Aguirre WD