Winner announced for the first theme of the Your Turn Photo Contest

Buddy Steve hitting up the Cornwallis handrail. PHOTO: Troy Boucher.
Joel Wealton showing us the meaning of "white room" at Brighton Resort, in Utah. PHOTO: Ryan Bregante
Homeboy goes through one steep kink. PHOTO: David Karvay.
Ty Murphy with a Heath Kirchart inspired backlip. PHOTO: Cody Kemmet.
Krister Ralles with a damn good frontboard. PHOTO: Erik Ralles.
Nikita Avtaneev in the night halfpipe in Ruka, Finland. PHOTO: Dmitry Gostevskikh.
Kaspar with a heavy 5050 down a kink rail. PHOTO: Jargen Voolaid.
Nate Falconer sliding a spot he'd seen a million times but never hit. PHOTO: Cameron McDonald.
The midwest is not known for their halfpipes but Kyle Kelley and Josh Marshall sure made a statement on this shot. PHOTO: Johnny Huege.
Cole Navin with a monster boardslide. PHOTO: Mark O'Malley.

Making photos at night has many challenges. It takes a photographer with perseverance to deal with the coldest temps of winter and more often required, an ability to work with multiple flashes, & radio slaves to come back with a dynamic photo. The following images in this Your Turn Photo Contest are the standouts from the submission for the Night theme. Have a look.

Of these ten, the one that was selected to be our first YTPC winner of the season is Ryan Bregante. Ryan is no stranger to the YTPC and we look forward to seeing more images made by him. His prize package will include products from Pocket Wizard radio slaves, F-Stop camera bags, and Celtek gloves. He'll also qualify for the the Portfolio Battle held at the end of this photo contest series for a chance to win the grand prize, a spot a High Cascade's Photo Workshop. This workshop is hosted by TransWorld SNOWboarding's Senior Photographer Andy Wright and will include other industry guest instructors. There's no better way for an aspiring photographer to learn technical, creative, and photo business than from industry veterans.


The first section’s winning photo by Rory Bregante.

We have more chances for you to be recognized for your photography skills. The next theme of the series is Park. If you haven't already created images from your favorite terrain parks to be considered, you have til March 31st to get your best submissions in. Winner of the Park theme will be announced April 1st along with the last theme of the series, Jump. Upload your submissions to the “Your Turn” photo contest tab on for judging.

As described the winner from each theme will move onto a head-to-head portfolio battle, where TransWorld SNOWboarding Photo Editor Chris Wellhausen will pick the grand-prize winner based on the strongest overall submission.

Good Luck!