Windell’s Timberline Pro/Am Results

After receiving over three feet of snow the skies cleared for the third in a series of six Windell’s Timberline PRO/AM Classic competitions.  The day was highlighted by crisp blue skies, sunshine and a phenomenal course built by Park Manager Tony Distrolla and Race Director Logan Stewart. These boys worked late into the night to push up a super flowy course that was appreciated by competitors and judges alike.

Ben Connors buttered the course to win the Men’s Pro Snowboard Division, while Abby Moe ruled the rails to take the Women’s Pro division.  Each of the Pro winners took home $300 cash and a big hug from Tim Windell himself.  The Am divisions were super strong too.  Notables were Paul Srofe from the men’s 15-16 year old  field and Spirit Bridger from the women’s 17-18  year old field, both with impressive full package runs.  Am’s  were awarded with thousands of dollars in prizes for their efforts.  Snowboards were flowing like they were going out of style along with coats, backpacks, goggles, gloves etc…. thanks  to our friends at Allian, Smith, DaKine, Burton, Premier and Sessions. 

The next contest will be a Halfpipe competition on March 9th. We’re looking forward to seeing how the competitors work the walls cut by the Zaugg halfpipe machine.

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