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Windells Session Two: Photo Recap 2014

Words and photos: Erik Hoffman

Zues, lord of the sky, rain god, cloud gatherer, has cut the ribbon on summer in the Northwest just in time for Keep The Change to takeover camp activities. The tightknit group of cronies included upstart snowboarders such as Ian Hart, Johnny Brady, Tommy Gesme, and some Windells Camp Digger Alumni Derrek Lever, Riley Nickerson, and Mark Wilson. Anticipation was heightened as the crew threw out a grip of t-shirts with the title of their new movie "Homage" printed on the front, as well tons of DVDs of past movies. Mastermind filmer's Colton Feldman and Rob Balding also accompanied the crew rallying campers for one of the most incredible activities I have seen at camp to date. The event was more or less a mob of kids racing around the famous concrete jungle on their skateboards and hitting checkpoints where they were required to do pushups before dashing furiously to the finish and reaching the holy grail of product.

On hill the new crew of diggers, backed by Destoy Labs kept the park in tiptop shape, as Oregon got it's first dose of hot summer weather. As the second full session of the young summer came to a close there were no shortage of hammers fortunately you will all be able to see them in the next session edit dropping in the next couple days as session 3 kicks off. Trust me our film crew, headed up by Maryland native Ian Macy, is working hard editing as you read these final words.


Derrek Lever. PHOTO: Erik Hoffman

Derrek Lever. PHOTO: Erik Hoffman