Photos and Words: Erik Hoffman

With the passing of the summer solstice just a few weeks ago we are allowed to enjoy a new season, which brings sun and warmth to the deep veins of snow that travel from the glacier atop Mount Hood. Trevor Borelli and his digger crew did not hold back and continue to dish out well-crafted and creative parks that rival the flow of Windells own Concrete Jungle skatepark.

Lib Tech, with the likes of Crush, Brandon Reis and Cobra Dogs own Ted Borland, added some spice to the session with World Cup themed activities that found the visiting pros tending goal blindfolded as campers fired soccer balls at them. There were some close calls but I'm happy to say they all survived and the camper who was able to score the most goals went home with a brand new Lib Tech board as a trophy. The session's antics didn't stop there, Lib Tech also hosted their second annual "Downtown Throwdown" qualifying contest called "The Feeders". Two qualifying heats culminated in a winner take all final with first place spot stamping a paid trip to Boston to compete in the "Downtown Throwdown". Standouts included diggers Jeff Deforge and last year's winner Jake Rose who both peaked in the qualifying rounds. As the thin clouds burned off and the sun came out, pasty, young eighteen year old Max Lyons decided he wanted a slice of the action and did not take a single spill during the finals which made the judges decision relatively easy. After throwing up the deuces on top of the podium he promptly called his Mom and raced down the mountain to head back to camp, it seems not much has changed since his days competing USASA rails jams. Competitors and spectators alike got to enjoy quite the show with a laid back, fun vibe which capped off a perfect start to Independence Day, so keep an eye out for the footage as you stuff yourself with hot dogs and potato salad this Fourth.


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