Windells Session Six : Photo Recap 2014

Windells Session Six : Photo Recap 2014

In the wake of a wacky week of weather a top the snow veins, session six at Windells came come to a close with a two day outburst of trickery that would be a worthy adversary to the likes of the Great Gazoo. In the words of Elton John “the spotlight hit something that was known to change the weather”, and that spotlight graced that of Technine team as Bennie and the Jets Bilodeau, Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Nick Pooch, and Christian Sparks electrified camp with antics that tangled campers in a crossfire of powder donuts, water balloons, and a whirlwind of next years Technine and Jammypack gear.

If you happen to be in the lane you may have been able to catch a glimpse of Lucas Magoon powering around the lane slamming into features and rolling around on the lips of quarter pipes in that type of style that we’ve all come to awe over. While Cole Taylor, Lucas and the crew were stacking heaps of footage, former camper, intern, landscaper, counselor and current Campus Manger, Cody Lee delved deep into a hump day jump day, having himself a solo session on Windells freshly rebuilt large jump; casually taking the seventy foot white wall about ninety feet while probably bumping Macklemore though his earbuds.

As we pass the seventy five percent mark on the summer the volcano we slide down daily is still occupied by the most snow in North America with parks that parallel the size of your home mountain in the winter. So if you haven’t already, head out here for a healthy dose of vitamin D and join in the stoke that drives us out to the Portland area each summer.

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