Windells Session Eight : Photo Recap

Well its official the fifteenth summer after the turn of the century has wrapped up. After three short months the camps now lay there to dwindle as hot August days melt away snow at an astounding rate a top the glacier. The esteemed Capita team settled into a camp zone a stones throw away from Timothy Lake to put a bow on their summer with the likes of Phil Jacques, Windells Alumni Brandon Cocard, Scotty Stevens, Mike Rav,Young Joc as well as filming mastermind Mark Dangler who recently closed the book on his second installment of the "Defenders of Awesome" movie. If you were lucky enough to be on campus for activities you would have been able to witness Mark dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and dodging a barrage of dodgeballs before eventually getting beaned and having to give up a hundred dollar Capita gift card to the lucky winner.

With the end of camp comes a time to reminisce on the summer; head park mangers Caleb and Trevor put their stamp on the lane with more transition than we have ever had the privilege of handplanting and with the new flow to the park comes the issue that Jesse Paul is, in fact, still that. Tim Windell has taken a step back to enjoy much needed family time with his bouncing baby girl, after being a main staple of camp for decades. New head coach Nick Visconti also took a step back with the declaration of his retirement from the professional ranks of snowboarding, learned how to navigate his new home of Portland Oregon with a 1970’s model Crown bus full of boisterous campers as well as managing a team of fantastic coaches and I made the decision to leave my memory cards at home for the final session and replace them with emulsion as we, the summer locals, enjoy the last week on hill before crossing the finish line.

Summer, for those who spend it in beautiful Oregon, comes to a close as a plethora of purple and yellow flowers pop up in the volcanic dust inviting bees and timber tigers to romp about in their own peaceful private playground. The doors of the newly merged High Cascade and Windells brand shut for the summer and the population of the Mount Hood area drops back to normal as us fun guzzling youth start the quest back to our respective home lands for a taste of a normal summer that, for a fleeting moment, we thought we needed. Boys and girls from all over the planet have come and gone only to arrive home to tell their family and friends all about the community amongst the Oregon pines that few seem to know exists and with this the anticipation of winter builds with those children’s love of the snow.

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