Windells Snowboard Camp Session 3 Photo Recap 2015

Buzz Holbrook gets the tail past his ear with this tuck knee to fakie. Photo: Gillian Montgomery
Look up style in the dictionary, follow the footnotes, and you will be lead directly to this photo of Erik Overson. Photo: Erik Hoffman
Hungry? Jeff Hopkins has been whippin’ up chicken salad on the daily. Photo: Erik Hoffman
Justice Hines recognizes that speed is his friend and uses it for this tailblock slide. Photo: Gillian Montgomery
Max Lyons redefines the Palmer Point with this poke on the hip. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Windells Snowboard Camp Session 3 Photo Recap

Erik Leon, Scotty Vine, and Sammy Spiteri from Arbor Snowboards crewed up and made their way to Mount Hood for their #TeamTakeover at Windells for Session 3. The dudes brought their surf vibes with them and campers, coaches, and pros slashed the white wave all over Mount Hood.  It was sunny and sick throughout most all of Session 3, and good times were had by all up on the Palmer snowfield. Check out what went down in the gallery above.

Session 4 is cued up and the Neff Headwear crew is onsite and will be getting after it on Hood on this week. Stay tuned for all the awesome. 


Max Lyons. Photo: Erik Hoffman

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