Windells Session 5 : Neff Team

Photos, captions, and words by Erik Hoffman.

The lucky souls who have made the pilgrimage to the holy land of summer snowboarding are currently cashing in on the perks of the northwest. It's late July, sun and snow is still abundant, and if that isn't "eneff" to convince you to make a trip out to camp the Neff team including the likes of Dylan Thompson, Tim Humphreys, E-Man, Rap Game Viktor Simco and Brady Larson were on their annual crusade to take over all camp activities. Also if you weren't aware, summer on the glacier also provides a perfect habitat for snowboarding's crustacean based brand, Lobster. The crew hosted games of skate and brought loads of ice cream for campers to munch on after dining at Wally Inouye's, camp famous, delicatessen.

Viktor Simco hosted "Ollies of Alzheimer’s" to raise awareness among campers and camp employee's, Harrison Gordon took the on-hill portion while the skate portion was snatched up by Jesse Paul. Participants received loads of Neff product and rumor has it Versace and Dolce & Gabbana are now in contract negotiations with the two winners.

In the lane Eiki, Halldor and the rest of the Neff team cruised around with campers all week while enjoying seemingly infinite lines around the park that Trevor Borelli and the rest of the Windells digger crew continue to scheme up. Late session winds and slightly cooler temperatures brought relief from the summer heat, all thanks to Denis Leontyev spinning about the lane, as the session came to a close. Expect warmer temperatures in the next couple days as our media crew cooks up the sessions heaters into a fiery stew.