Windells Camp Photo Recap Session 4 2015

Despite being from the desert, Dylan Thompson still knows how to channel those surf vibes. Photo: Gill Montgomery
Native Vermonter and Head Snowboard Coach Tucker Speer must have had this method Stowe’d away for a Sunny & Sick Day. Photo: Gill Montgomery Photo: Gill Montgomery
Dylan Thompson flawlessly presses this switch backside nosepress on the down bar. Photo: Gill Montgomery
Justice Hines trying to get that Google Earth photo incentive. Board facing the sky mid backflip. Photo: Gill Montgomery
Demo Manager Evan Wilcox takes a few seconds off from cranking screws to crank this nosegrab on the hip. Photo: Gill Montgomery
Red Gerard puts ALL of his weight into this frontside nosepress in The Lap Park. Photo: Luke DeFeis
Snowboardering during the summer, ugh, what a drag. NOT! Humpy hand drag front 3. Photo: Jeff Hehlen
Tim Humphreys let’s his inner-New Jersey show with this Mike Gleason impression. Photo: Gill Montgomery

Windells Camp Photo Recap Session

Word: Tom Johnson

Can you think of a better brand than Neff to continue the sunny and sick vibes at Windells Camp? Didn't think so! Tim Humphreys, Scotty Lago, Dylan Thompson, Kyle Kennedy, and Mike Skiba were all on-campus at Windells for the Neff #TeamTakeover during Session 3 and were getting all kinds of creative in their private park on Mount Hood.

Stay tuned for some next level action from the GoPro crew next week as their join us for their Session 5 #TeamTakeover at Windells Camp. Want to join the fun? Squeeze into session 6 for the iNi #TeamTakeover by reaching out to the crew at or call them at (503) 622-3736.



Gillian Montgomery: @gill_monty_photo

Luke DeFeis: @Traveling_Luke

Jeff Hehlen: @jeffhehlen

Evan Wilcox with a nose grab. Photo: Gill Montgomery