The following is a list of top sporting goods chains (based on estimated sales projections for 1995) that are currently carrying snowboards or plan to in the near future.

1. Champ Sports (675-million dollars) Will be carrying snowboards in the fall, however, at press time we were unable to find out which lines.

2. Sports and Recreation (612-million dollars)Lines carried: Airwalk, Body Glove, F2, Kemper, Oxygen, Rad Air, Wild Duck.Extras: Eleven out of 61 locations carry snowboard equipment. The company would like to extend their lineup, but, according to Scott Perkins, assistant buyer for skis, bikes and accessories, the buyers are still experimenting with their present inventory.

3. Sportmart (500-million dollars)Although some of the Sportmart stores carry snowboards, Snowboard Buyer David Southworth declined to say which lines they carry.

4. REI (489-million dollars)Lines carried: Airwalk, Burton, Convert, K2, Liquid, Nidecker, Nitro, N Boots, Prom, Raichle, Swag, Wave Rave.Extras: 33 out of 45 stores carry snowboard products.

5. Play It Again Sports (420-million dollars)Although some of its stores carry snowboarding equipment, according to Snowboard Buyer Jean Berrigan, official company policy is to not release specific information to trade publications.

6. Big 5 (400-million dollars)Big 5 has a policy to not release what products brands its stores carry, says Chief Buyer Jackie Hertwig.

7. Oshman’s (358-million dollars)Lines carried: Airwalk, Apocalypse, Aunt Mable’s, Caution, K2, Nale, Nitro, No Limitz.

8. Herman’s (350-million dollars)Lines carried: Airwalk, Kemper, K2

9. Dunham’s (200-million dollars)Extras: Acording to Ski Buyer Gordon Hemmingway, “The price-points have been too high for us in the past, and we didn’t have the right staff for the clientele. But beginning this fall, we will set up complete snowboard shops in five shops.”

10. Gart Sports (190-million dollars)Lines carried: Avalanche, Boarder Patrol, Burton, Convert, Hammer, Juice, K2, Liquid, Magnus, Nale, Nitro, Pill, Private Label, Rossignol, Rusty, Sims, Winterstick

11. MC Sports (170-million dollars)Lines carried: Airwalk, Kemper, Liquid, Private Label.Extras: Roughly 40 out of 72 stores carry snowboard products. “We do a couple of different concept-type shops in our stores,” says Scott Shuette, winter-sport assistant buyer. “We will probably expand in the future.”

12. Koenig Sporting Goods (70-million dollars)Lines carried: Maui and Sons, Sorel.Extras: Six out of 40 stores carry products.

13. Chick’s (65-million dollars)Lines carried: Airwalk, Burton, K2, Lamar, Liquid, Morrow, Nitro, Raichle, Ride, Rossignol, Sims.Extras: All seven stores carry snowboards.

Information courtesy of Sporting Goods Business and company buyers.