Who Is DBK?


Sprayin' in Cooke City, Montana. PHOTO: Dominic Zimmerman

Who Is DBK?

These three letters don't stand for some sort of sports league or text slanguage. Nope, DBK is David Bertschinger Karg—a young, stylish, and suave Swiss rider who rolls a black and tan Alfa Romeo and has a big nose. Having grown up under the shadow of the European Alps, idolizing fellow Swiss riders such as Markus Keller, Nicolas Muller and the like, David's built up an all-mountain riding repertoire. He's just getting going in the international scene and filming with the Euro production Isenseven. I recently caught up with him in Austria, while the slopes were still dry. Here's a little more about the latest addition to the three-letter shredder club.

Who are you?
I'm David Bertschinger Karg or DBK. I was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Wädenswil, Switzerland.

Who do you ride for?
I ride for Volcom, Bataleon, Smith, Vans, Planet Sports, Gummi Love, Nixon and Clast.

Frontside 180 melon gap in Hoch-Ybrig, Switzerland. PHOTO: Dominic Zimmerman

Where did you grow up riding?
I grew up riding in Hoch-Ybrig. I still have an apartment with my buddies there. It's one of my favorite places to ride in Switzerland. Super easy access to good backcountry!

What's the best part about riding in Switzerland?
The Alps have such interesting terrain. All my buddies I grew up riding with are here!

Where have you been shredding in the States?
Mammoth, Mt. Bachelor, and Cooke City.

Clips from Isenseven’s “Madventure in Cooke City.”

How does riding back home differ from the riding you've done in the US?
The parks in the US are so much better. Resorts really care about snowboarders it seems like. But I realized that you can't go out of resort boundaries in the States that much. Going out of bounds is no biggie in Europe. I like going out of bounds! The backcountry-zones are so much bigger in the States though and you really need sleds. Sledding is not even allowed in Switzerland.

DBK David Berschinger Karg

Switch back five in Cooke City, Montana. PHOTO: Dominic Zimmerman

With the name DBK, you join the ranks of other three-letter shredders like DCP, LNP, and MFR. Would you rather go by your real name?
[Laughs] I never heard the expression "three-letter shredder." It sounds kind of funny. I don't really care. People should name me however they want to. But I guess DBK is way easier than my whole name. And I guess people like it the easy way…

Full part from last year's Isenseven release Don't Panic.

You had some solid stuff in Isenseven's Kaleidoscope this year, have you been filming with them for a while?
I like my part this year way more than last year's, even though I didn't get as many shots as last year. When I watch my part in Kaleidoscope all the adventures and dork-times we had during the season come back to mind. I've been filming with Isenseven for two seasons now, but I also got to join an Absinthe trip to Norway last season. That was a pretty nice experience as well!

Who do you usually ride with?
I usually start off the season glacier riding with Markus Keller. We trip through Switzerland and Austria and get our snow legs back on. It's good times! Later in the season when filming is on, I spend pretty much the whole season with my Isenseven buddies. When there's some spare time left, I try to shred with my buddies from back home.

What's up for this winter? Where are you riding? Do you have any filming plans?
I really want to go back to the States again. We'll probably do Cooke City again. And there's a trip to Idaho planned with Smith. Other than that, just enjoying this insane winter in Europe right now. There are so many spots on the "to-do-list"…

Recent Swiss pow shredding with the Isen crew.