Opening day isn't opening day without a cheers! Whistler 2011/12
Andrew Geeves, it's on. A new season 2011/12 Whistler.
Classic Whistler opening day weather. November 18, 2011. Ye haw!
Dustin Craven's face made a special guest appearance at lunch.
First day juice boxes, Pat, Geeves, Brocklebank, E-man, Logan Haubrich. Whistler 2011/12
Logan Haubrich approves.
Opening day Whistler 2011/12. At the bottom of Emerald Express, the cloud clears to show the epic scene.
Layne Treeter, Dave Chamberlain, and Alex Stathis, gettin' turns, poppin' gems.
Director Jarrod Au takes a break for an indy pop.
Layne Treeter approves. Game on
Ready to drop? Where the heck is E-man? Layne Treeter, Dave Chamberlain, and Alex Stathis (far right).
Sometimes Brockle has to yell at Alex Stathis and E-man Anderson to get them to send it.
Chris Brown and Geeves hydrating between pow turns and front boards.
At Whistler's opening day 2011, Andrew Geeves celebrates the new season in style.
E-man, hurry up and finish dat Stepchild lager so we can go touch some sky brah!


Whistler is now open for the 2011-12 season. Photographer Severin Samulski sent over some rad photos from the day. Looks like winter is here at yet another spot and we couldn’t be anymore pumped!