When You’re Not Riding, Read About it

When You’re Not Riding, Read About it

We know, snowboarding is hot, right? Especially amongst those who want to make a buck. So when the volumes of books started pouring in, we scoffed at first, then took a deeper look. Some of them are typical, some of them are corny, and some of them are surprisingly good. Check out these summaries and maybe you’ll find something to do when your not riding.

-Robyn Hakes

Snowboarding Experts

Published by Barron’s, Snowboarding Experts written by Christof Weiss, is for the race enthusiast. There are also sections about freestyle and freeriding, as well as some tech tips, but with 66 pages on racing, its obvious who this book is really for.

With an in-depth look at the elements of racing, this book can be used as a training manual for the rider who wants to reach that level. It outlines the scientific elements that factor into racing: biology, physiology, philosophy, and even psychology. If you’re looking for basic ways to step up your trick level, this book also has advice for improving your athletic ability, tips for training on certain basics like takeoffs and landings, and body movement.

For more information contact Barron’s Educational Series at: 250 Wireless Boulevard, Hauppauge, NY 11788, or www.barronseduc.com.

Extreme Sports Snowboarding

Also published by Barron’s, this 32-page book is recommended for anyone who would rather look at the pretty pictures than absorb the written word. Actually, brief descriptions of many aspects of snowboarding, from powder riding to basic turning techniques, are explained in short detail. Definitely a starting point for beginners looking for a slight clue about anything snowboarding.

Contact Barron’s for more information.

A Ragged Mountain Press Women’s Guide: Snowboarding

This volume, written by Julia Carlson, head coach of Women Only Snowboard Camps, is a beginner’s bible. Where other books have missed the point (that beginners don’t know all the lingo yet) this book explains all the basics. From choosing gear to riding the lift, even tuning techniques, are all carefully explained and accented with black and white photos or drawings.

It is a straightforward and passionate read featuring voices from female snowboarders who express their love of riding and give advice from their experiences. A thoughtful and thorough resource for women snowboarders of all levels.

A resource guide including phone numbers and contacts, for camps, events, manufacturers, resorts, companies, and more are listed at the back of the book.

For more information contact Ragged Mountain Press: P.O. Box 220, Camden, ME 04843; or www.raggedmountainpress.com. To order a copy contact: The McGraw-Hill Companies Customer Service Department: 1-800-262-4726.

The Illustrated Guide To Snowboarding

Kevin Ryan is a snowboarder. He wants you to be a snowboarder. Like the Women’s Guide, this book reflects the passion of someone who truly loves riding and wants to stoke out the newbies by including them in the boarding world. Ryan goes in depth with every level of snowboarding-from the science of the turn, the anatomy of snowboard equipment, to novice techniques. Described in the forward as “An encyclopedia of how-to snowboarding instruction,” this book truly answers all your questions. And Ryan’s hand drawn illustrations, along with quotes and input from professional snowboarders, adds even more personality.

For more information contact Masters Press at: 2647 Waterfront Parkway E. Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46214.

World Snowboard Guide 3

Featuring 57 countries and 320 resorts, the World Snowboard Guide 3 gives details for travels across the globe. Each resort is listed with vital resort stats, as well as travel info, dining suggestions, and even important driving tips. “Job Seeksers” is a new section which gives tips on how to find a job and the legal hoops you should know about. Also new is “Rider Services,” listing shops, accommodations, camps, tours, and more. The “Ride Time Calendar” tells you where the goods are year round.

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