What’s up with the NEW Transworld Movie?

joe carlino

Yes, there’s a new Transworld movie in the works for this winter. Following on the heels of These Days and Get Real, director Joe Carlino is hard at work with the crews trying to push this newest project even further. It’s still pretty early in the season to get much out of him, but we asked him a few questions about what’s cookin’ so far …

First things first, who's in the new movie?

Jussi Oksanen, Devun Walsh, Iikka Bäckström, Chris Bradshaw, Keegan Valaika, Jake Olson-Elm, Mark Sollars and Mikkel Bang … I’m super stoked on Jake Kuzyk and Phil Jaques, so I’m trying to get them in the project, too. Just working out details …

How will you build upon what you accomplished in Get Real?

We just want to make a better quality project, learn from our mistakes and  make a movie that really fits the Transworld Snowboarding feel. Every year we learn more and more, not just me or the filmers, but our Art directors, photographers— it’s a big group effort that we all learn from.

Do you have a name yet?

We’ve been working on a few ideas, nothing we should say yet

Who are the filmers and where are they right now?

This year Gary Milton is filming and lives in Bellingham, WA. He covers the Northwest and a lot of the rail trips. We also  hired Haydan Wrench.  Right now we are waiting for snow … this week I see it coming. I’m up in Big Bear with Bradshaw right now, got some snow here, so we’re trying to get it going.

Have you seen any movies lately that you like?
I’ve been watching a lot movies on Vimeo. Indie films, Jason Hernandez (TW Skate, Nike) all of his stuff is super cool, next level. A new surf movie came out that is really cool, called Modern Collective, I think that kid knows what’s going on.

Are your crews out  filming already?

No, not like full on trips. No cities have been ready to go yet, I’m in Bear trying to get a few nugs with Bradshaw, by nugs I mean shots. We’re trying not to push it and blow our travel budget on a trip that wont be worth it. I think Whistler backcountry will be ready after the next storm so I’ll be heading up there, I hope.

Stay tuned for more on the new flick and of course web videos as the filming gets up to speed.