Age: 26

Sponsors: Rome Snowboards, Arc’teryx Equipment, Sweet Helmets, The Rude Boys Snowboard Shop, Hillbilly Wax Works, Whistler/Blackcomb

Years snowboarding: 16

Roots: Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Home: Coastal B.C. is my home now, but Whistler/Blackcomb is my local hill.

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 172 lbs.

Stance: Goofy, 22.5 inches wide, with 24-degrees angle on the front foot and negative-six on the back.

Forward lean: I use a fair bit ’cause I like the responsiveness. I use less in the backcountry so my board isn’t super edgy at speed or on landings.

Board: I ride a Rome Design 162 ($550) most of the time. I’ll ride the 158 a bit in the late spring and summer, and the 165 for AK style sometimes. I like to get used to one board and just stick with it. The Design is super versatile and rides everywhere. I ride a centered stance for everything, and I don’t want to be changing between different boards and different stances for different riding.

Boots: Rome Folsom ($230) in black, size 10.

Bindings: Rome Targa ($230) in white.

Personal Settings: I have a very specific technique for lacing my boots. Liners get done up tight. Shells get done up tight around the ankle and then progressively looser toward the shin, and I never do up the top lace hook on my shells. My boots feel forgiving initially that way, but progressively more supportive the more I push on ’em.

Tuning techniques: I learned riding up in subzero Rockies weather that it’s worth waxing a lot. I don’t ride a ton of rails, so I’d rather have sharp edges for most everything else, especially a lap through the pipe.

Jacket: Arc’teryx Fission SV ($550) in basalt.

Pants: Arc’teryx Scorpion pants ($375) in north sea.

Gloves: Rome Hoss ($75).

Goggles: IS Dsgn Mikey Leblanc Stealth series strike ($120). Which lens depends on weather, but mostly I like to use rose iridium.

Helmet: Sweet Helmets Trooper Halfcut ($189) in legend brown.

Riding style: I definitely like riding natural terrain and powder. I like riding jumps into pow, cliffs into pow, pillows in pow, steeps in pow, and slashing pow. But really I like everything: jib runs, speed runs, and park runs-it’s all a blast just sliding on snow.

Between the tight trees, downed lumber, shrubbery, snow snakes, cliffs, and rocks, this drop is more than the majority of riders can handle. Jonaven styles a method-no big deal. Whistler backcountry. Photo: Phil Tifo