What The Pros Are Rockin’: Trevor Andrew

Name: Trevor Andrew
Age: 21
Sponsors: Oakley, Burton, Analog, Proskateboards Shop, The CircleHome: Nova Scotia in the summer, hotels around the world, and Whistler most of the time.
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 145 lbs.
Board: Burton Custom 156 and Seven 158
Boots: Burton Ions
Bindings: Burton CFXs
Stance: Regular, 21.5 inches. Sixteen-degrees angle on the front, zero on the back.
Board Consumption: Six or seven per year.
Outerwear: Analog shit¿it’s all dope.
Innerwear: Tommy or Calvin boxers and briefs.
Streetwear: Rocca Wear, Alphanumeric, Polo, and Diesel. Armani’s dope, too, and Versace.