Travis Rice

Age: 24

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Lib Tech, DC, Red Bull, Grenade Gloves, Jack’s Garage, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Plantronics

Years snowboarding: A baker’s dozen

Roots: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Home: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 180 lbs.

Stance: Goofy, around 23 inches wide with nineteen degrees angle on my front foot and negative-nine on my back foot.

Forward lean: Not too much, not too little. Forward lean does help your cause. Basically if you’re looking for some hot jibs then zero it out, but if you’re looking to dial in some serious grooves on the pristine corduroy then dial that shit up!

Board: I’ve spent the last three years dialing in my board with Lib Tech. The Travis Rice MTX ($490)is a fine-tuned high-performance machine now! I have a 153, 157, 161, and 164. I usually ride the 157 for park and resort and the 161 for pow days and AK. The real secret though is my Banana Hammock! It’s hands down the best powder board I’ve ever ridden. It has reverse side cut and reverse camber (Banana technology). It’s a little scary to ride on hard pack, but unreal if you have any type of soft corn snow or deep powder. It’s epic because you have no toe or heel cup resistance. It’s a full twin and is the butteriest thing this side of margarine.

Boots: I ride DC’s Allegiance Double Boa ($325). Super convenient and super comfortable. This boot will last you two years and just gets better with time, just make sure to wear clean socks.

Bindings: Bent Metals New Juice ($239).

Personal Settings: I basically rock my gear stock, FOB (fresh out the box).

Tuning techniques: I wax a lot. If your board isn’t slick, then you’re just selling yourself short. We have spent many years getting Bluebird wax to where it is today. It is rider owned and operated. Stick it to the man and support the cause.

Outerwear: I like an insulated jacket personally and I designed the most bamba ass Rasta jacket with Quiksilver this year. Bap bap. Matt French did a custom-art piece for the inside as well. Bonus! It comes with a secret pocket too for all you dirts.

Jacket: Quiksilver Mule Kick in black ($200)

Pants: Quiksilver Scorpion pant, in red ($150)

Gloves: Grenade you fool (XXX).

Goggles: Quiksilver Q1 ($79)

Riding style: I would say my riding style is just a wee bit left of center. Except on Wednesday of course. And um, powder.