What The Pros Are Rockin: Silvia Mittermuller

Age: 23

Sponsors: Oakley, Santa Cruz, Vans, Ratiopharm, SP, Grenade, Elm

Years snowboarding: Nine

Roots: Munich, Germany

Home: Breckenridge, Colorado and Munich, Germany

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 120 lbs.

Stance: Goofy, 22 inches wide, with twelve-degrees angle on the front foot and negative-twelve on the back.

Forward lean: Just a tiny little bit-last winter I once forgot to set up any forward lean and I got used to it. When I noticed it, I couldn’t ride with forward lean anymore.

Board: I ride my Santa Cruz Guerilla Division SM 148 ($399)-it’s an awesome jibboard for powder. Still, I love riding the 151 anywhere, too, because I never have to change my bindings and never need to travel with more boards.

Boots: Vans Omni Focus, size 8 ($249). I always choose Boa! I love Boa!

Bindings: SP Misstroid ($179) in white/gold-bindings for a real princesses!

Personal settings: I always take time to mold my liners. I also keep the old liners when I get new boots. I only rotate the highbacks on my bindings. Oh, and Mike Casanova told me about “lucky bands,” when you find a band (rubber, hairband, et cetera) on the ground, you put it over your highback and it turns into a lucky band-I like that.

Tuning techniques: Normally, I dull the edges when I start riding a new board and then just go from there. With time, my edges get worse and worse, but I don’t sharpen them ever. I only fix possible bumps with a stone every once in a while. I’m better with waxing-I wax a lot and try to keep my base healthy. If you’re not too heavy but want to hit all the big-boy jumps, a fast base can be your best friend!

Jacket: Oakley Abominable jacket ($295) in ultra marine-it’s puffy and warm and has this awesome long cut, so you never get snow or cold air inside it. Besides, it’s pretty chic, I wear it not only for snowboarding but also just during the day or even to go out. It’s the perfect all-around jacket.

Pants: Oakley Hacker pant ($160) in caramel. They have an awesome big cut, but still look pretty.

Gloves: Grenade-my favorite ones are the black/white striped Eddie Kruegers ($50).

Goggles: Oakley Stockholm goggle ($85-$130) with the black iridium lens-it’s for very sunny days and I love sunny days!

Riding style: I try to ride everything, but my favorite thing is park riding. My ideal conditions look like this: a line of five perfect, good-sized park jumps; it snowed the night before and the snowcat just groomed them; I know the speed and there’re no big crowds up there-just a bunch of friends. That’s my perfect setup.

A perfect day, a perfect Breckenridge kicker, and a perfect switch backside five by Silvia. Photo: Christian Brecheis