What The Pros Are Rockin’ – Scotty Arnold

Name: Scotty Arnold, a.k.a. S-C-O-Dubbs, Arnie 5-G, or S.C.O.

Age: 23

Sponsors: Salomon, Vans, Section, Agency, Smith, Grenade, Jack’s Garage, Pro-Tec,

Years snowboarding: 12

Roots: Holderness, New Hampshire

Lives: Park City, Utah and Mammoth, California in the winter; and Newport Beach, California in the summer.

Height: 6′

Weight: 180 lbs.

Stance: Regular, 23.5 inches wide, with eighteen degrees angle on the front foot and negative-fifteen on the back.

Forward lean: On rails, I use none-forward lean is supposed to help you turn, but you just go straight at rails. In the park and pow I use about three clicks so I can turn better for pipe, riding into kickers, and shit like that.

Board: The Salomon Arnie 5000 ($450)-my first pro model. I ride the 154 for rails. It’s smaller and easier to press and spin onto stuff. I use the 159 for pow and park because it’s faster and easier to land on.

Boots: Vans Fargo in either black or camo, size ten ($239).

Bindings: My Agency binding called the 1134 ($159).

Personal settings: I pretty much ride everything stock outta the box, except edges.

Tuning techniques: On my rail board, I use a grinder I bought at the hardware store to pretty much grind the edges completely round, tip to tail. For my bigger board, I grind the tip and tail completely round and take a little off the edges on the rest of the board.

Jacket: Section MFM in XXL ($249).

Pants: Section MFM in XXL ($199).

Gloves: Whatever Grenade Gloves keep the hands warm.

Goggles: Smith Fuse with mirrored lenses all the time, unless I can’t see ($85).

Riding style: Everything-rails, pow, pow jumps, pipe, park, park rails … everything except hips. I hate those f-king things so much! Ride stuff for fun. Who cares what it is? Except for hips. Holla!