Name: Roger Hjelmstadstuen
Age: 22
Sponsors: Airwalk, Dragon, Da Kine, Volcom
Home: Øyer, Norway
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 142 lbs.
Board: Airwalk Champ 157
Boots: Airwalk Freeride
Bindings: Burton Mission¿purple and gray (so they match my board graphics).
Stance: I ride my board regular, with a twenty-degree angle on the front and zero on the back. My stance is 20.5 inches wide.
Forward Lean: I don’t know how much forward lean I use. It changes all the time. In the pipe I like to have a lot, but for everything else I cannot have that much.
Outerwear: Red Airwalk Venture pants and an Airwalk Metal jacket.
Accessories: Dragon goggles, and Da Kine gloves and hat.
Innerwear: As a first layer, I use an Airwalk long-underwear shirt. If it’s colder than negative-twenty-degrees Celsius, I use Airwalk long-underwear pants, too, but I don’t really like to use the pants. I wear Da Kine socks. Good socks are important!
Streetwear: I get a lot of cool stuff from Volcom. I like their clothes because they have a lot of variety. I don’t really have a favorite fashion designer, but maybe I’ll get one when I get the time and cash to shop all day. I am running around in Genetic shoes.