Age: 27

Sponsors: Lib Tech, Vans, Volcom, Drop, Anon, and Spacecraft

Years snowboarding: Around seventeen years

Roots: Juneau, Alaska

Home: Bellingham, Washington

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 180 lbs.

Stance: Goofy, 23.5 inches wide with 21 degrees in front and negative-nine on the back.

Forward lean: Not much, it hurts my feet riding with more, and I don’t really need it for the type of riding I do. Forward lean is for more technical riding on hardpack, that’s where it’s going to have an effect on your riding, not in two feet of pow.

Board: My bread and butter is the Lib Tech Phoenix series by Jamie Lynn ($459.99). It’s a pretty stiff, wider board, which works perfectly in the backcountry. Some people might not like how stiff it is at first, but give it a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

Boots: Vans Hifax, size nine. ($209)

Bindings: I like most of the Burton bindings, the Cartels ($219.95) and P1s ($279.95) are pretty ill.

Personal settings: No, I pull it out of the box, make sure it fits, then I’m ready to go.

Tuning techniques: I don’t get too tech, but I try to wax pretty regularly. As far as rails, I usually don’t plan on sessioning too many rails, so when I do my board has some pretty gnarly edges, so look out.

Outerwear: I usually rock shells. I end up hiking quite a bit so, a puffy only really works for me if it’s colder than a well digger’s ass.

Jacket: Volcom Omega in yellow ($XXX)

Pants: Volcom Omega in black ($XXX)

Gloves: Drop abk pile mitt ($XXX)

Goggles: Anon Figments ($75). I’ll have some kind of mirrored lens most of the time even when it’s snowing. I think having a darker lens gives you more definition.

Riding style: Freeride, freestyle … I just love riding-pow, sunny, dumping, any way I can get it.