What The Pros Are Rockin’ – Jussi Ilmari Oksanen

Age: 28

Sponsors: Burton, Rockstar, DVS, WeSC, Smith, Northstar, Utility board supply

Years snowboarding: 19

Roots: Finland, Kirkkonummi

Home: Encinitas, California

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 150 lbs.

Stance: Regular, 24 inches wide with fifteen degrees angle on my front foot and negative-nine on my back foot.

Forward lean: No forward lean. I find it awkward to ride with any. My boots are pretty solid, so I already get all the support I need.

Board: Most of the time I ride my Burton Jussi 159 ($530). I love my board-it works for everything from park riding to Alaska backcountry. Then for jibbing I use my 154, which is a really fun board. It has a softer flex, so that it’s better for jibbing and just cruising on the hill.

Boots: Burton Ion boots ($350), size 9 in white.

Bindings: Burton C60’s ($380) in white.

Personal settings: I used to do all kinds of things, but now I just run everything stock. The gear is so awesome that I don’t need to do anything else other than the right adjustments.

Tuning techniques: I dull the edges a bit, so I take that razor sharp brand new edge off. I file my edges off completely with a file around the tip of the nose and tail and about six inches down. I also try to wax my board as often as possible. It’s good if you can wax the brand-new board a few times, that way it sucks all the wax in and you don’t need to wax it as often during the winter.

Outerwear: I like light jackets, shells, or light insulated jackets. Then I have layers under the jacket if need some warmth.

Jacket: Burton AK 3L Pitto jacket in Truant Orange ($379).

Pants: Burton AK 3L Hover pants in roasted brown smoke camo ($329).

Gloves: Burton AK guide gloves in black ($99).

Goggles: Smith phenom goggles with mirror lens ($130).

Riding style: It has to be heli-riding. You just can’t beat the endless untracked pow.