What The Pros Are Rockin: John Anthony Jackson

Age: 22

Sponsors: Rossignol, Planet Earth, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, Grenade, TechNine, Dragon, Jack’s Garage

Years snowboarding: About twelve years

Roots: Crowley Lake, California

Home: Still in the C.L.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 175 lbs.

Stance: Regs, 23-and three-quarters wide with 21-degrees angle on the front foot and negative-nine on the back.

Forward lean: I just shred it the way it comes in the mail, I don’t mess with it that much … so not a lot.

Board: The past couple years I’ve been riding all sorts of boards for all types of conditions-I’m versatile. I’m backin’ a board like the Rossignol Decoy 160 ($500)-sixties though, ’cause it charges.

Boots: ThirtyTwo Timbas ($250) or TM-Twos ($200), size 9.5.

Bindings: MFM Pro from TechNine ($199).

Personal settings: I’ll use some old-ass liners, and the heat molds are always nice. Sometimes I’ll customize my bindings with a wicket.

Tuning techniques: I run a file over it when it’s fresh out the packy and then mob. I don’t wax that much-never have time, but it is good once a week or so. I take my sticks to Wave Rave.

Outerwear: A poof on a cold day, for sure-but I usually ride with my shirt off.

Jacket: Planet Earth Jackson Pro jacket ($250)-all the colors are dope.

Pants: Planet Earth Jackson Pro pants ($190)-same as above.

Gloves: Grenade-the Doobie Brothers, Bob Gnarly, and of course the CC935 ($35), all the gloves are ill.

Goggles: Dragon DX ($70). Iridium’s tight-hide those eyes.

Riding style: Any type of backcountry or freeriding-ollieing
off cat tracks and cliffs. I’m always keepin’ an eye out for natty trannies and whatnot-tree jibs, windlips, all that. Whatever God creates, I’ll try and shred.

John Jackson crosses the line on one of those days in the Tahoe backcountry.
Photo: Cole Barash/Draw The Line