What The Pros Are Rockin’ Jason Thomas Brown

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: Jason Thomas BrownAge: 27Sponsors: CAPiTA, Postnobills.net, 4CE, Militia SurvivalHome: EarthHeight: 5′ 4″ Weight: 140 pounds Board: Capita 151 and 157 cmBoots: 4CE size eightsBindings: CAPiTA black prototypesStance: Goofy, around twenty-inches wide, and duck-three degrees on the back and nineteen on the front. Outerwear: CAPiTA Innerwear: Stock boxers. I started wearing compression shorts-those are cool.Accessories: Mostly Grenade stuff.Superstitions: Everything f-ks with me like that-I’m pretty much sure I’m going to die every time I drop in on something. There are too many superstitions to keep up with, so I just ignore them.Favorite Shoe Company: I get paid to say 4CE … but they actually are my favorite. You don’t have to believe me, though. Instead of taking my word for it, you should buy a pair and try them.Board Consumption: Just two-and the first one is still rideable. CAPiTAs are really strong. I made them that way ’cause most folks can only afford one. I think a board should last at least two seasons, if not more.Favorite Artist: HUMANFIVEArtist featured on your jacket: HUMANFIVEArtist featured on your board and bindings: THINpigeonWhy it’s important to have artwork on your setup: So I have something nice to look at while I’m hiking around, other than what’s already there. The mountains and the sky are beautiful, and I like being out there enjoying what Mother Nature has given us, but it’s also fun to try to create something as beautiful, fully knowing that you never will. It’s the attempt that’s important.