What The Pros Are Rockin’ – Danny Kass

Name: Danny Kass

Age: 22

Sponsors: Gnu, Vans, Grenade, Boost Mobile, Jack’s Garage, The Office, Propaganda, Mammoth, Agency, Fatigue Project

Years riding: Eleven

Roots: Vernon, New Jersey

Home: Mammoth/June Lake, California

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 155 lbs.

Stance: Regular, 22.5 inches wide, with fifteen degrees angle on the front foot and negative-twelve on the back.

Forward lean: Minimal-the last notch on Agency bindings for sweet style.

Board: I ride my Gnu Danny Kass pro model ($489). My favorite sizes are the 153 for all-around good times and the 155 for pipe and powder.

Boots: Vans DKIII in white and green ($209)-sick Velcro, man, and specialized vinyl stickers of Grenade and other propaganda.

Bindings: Agency Tro’it ($199).

Jacket: Grenade Fatigue Project Helter Skelter in poster pattern ($152).

Pants: Grenade Fatigue Project Groundwar in olive/G-plaid ($144). I love brown.

Gloves: Any Grenade Gloves I can slip my fingers into-mostly my new DK Punisher lobster mitt ($64) and the DK Slasher ($64).

Goggles: The new Grenade Goggle Division DK pros with black and green straps and mirror lenses ($76).

Riding style: Mongo pro international.