What The Pros Are Rockin’ – Andreas Wiig

Andreas Wiig

Age: 25

Sponsors: Vans, O-matic, Electric, Vestal, Grenade, Rockstar, Pro- Tec, Heavenly, Active Ride Shop

Years snowboarding: Fourteen

Roots: Asker, Norway

Home: Costa Mesa, California

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 180 lbs.

Stance: Regular, 24.5 inches wide, with eighteen-degrees angle on the front foot and negative-fifteen on the back.

Forward lean: Not much or none at all. It’s less tiring without forward lean and makes you feel freer when you ride.

Board: O-Matic Andreas Wiig (a.k.a. the Wiig-O-Matic) ($389). I ride a 158 in the park and a 162 for ginormous backcountry jumps. Once in a while, I pull out my 152 for small jibs, too. My favorite thing about my board is that it has lots of pop!

Boots: Vans BFB, size 9 ($189). I only use one pair per year.

Bindings: Burton Cartel ($209).

Personal settings: I usually step on my boots and kick them around for about half an hour to soften them up before the first time I use them. After that they’re all good for the rest of the season!

Tuning techniques: I always detune my edges so I don’t catch my heels on rails or dig my board into soft takeoffs. I try to wax often, because it makes riding that much more fun. I never carry a wax iron, though, so I’m always depending on my friends to have one … like a parasite, haha.

Jacket: Vans Men’s Down Supreme ($275).

Pants: Vans Men’s Mylan Cargo ($150).

Gloves: Grenade Freddie Krueger ($40).

Goggles: Electric EG1 ($95).

Helmet: Protec Andreas Wiig Pro model ($80).

Riding style: Huck yourself and hope for the best. My ideal conditions are soft powder features-it’s just so much more forgiving when you take a slam!