Age: 27

Sponsors: Roxy snowboard boards, boots, bindings, eyewear, and outerwear

Years snowboarding: Thirteen

Roots: Portland, Maine

Home: Salt Lake City, Utah

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 130 lbs.

Stance: Goofy, 22.5 inches wide with 21 degrees angle on the front foot and negative-twelve in back.

Forward lean: I don’t usually use any because I feel more centered without it.

Board: Eighty-five percent of the time I ride the Roxy Ollie Pop 151 ($380). It’s a really fun, all-around board with good pop, twin-tip construction, and a responsive, torsional flex. I do like to downsize to an Ollie Pop 145 for jibbing because I find the smaller size gives me more control and is way more fun.

Boots: Roxy Track Lace in white/gold ($140), size 8.

Bindings: Roxy Team binding in black/gold ($140).

Personal settings: I like to keep things simple and ride it the way it arrives fresh from the factory. I just adjust the straps to fit my feet and call it good.

Tuning techniques: My theory has always been that if I’m having major problems with speed or edge control, it’s most likely my fault and not my equipment. Because of this I used to never wax, but at the end of this season I started to really notice the difference in speed, so I waxed every second day or so. As for the edges, I detune them for park riding, but I always try to bevel at an angle so I can maintain some edge. Otherwise, I like to leave the edges sharp for freeriding.

Outerwear: In the middle of winter I could not survive without a puffy.

Jacket: Roxy Truth Or Dare in clay ($220) and Roxy Mazzy ($230) or Frenchy.

Pants: Roxy Riot Girl in blood red ($220)

Gloves: Whatever I have lying around that’s slim fitting and warm. This year it was a leather pair of Grenade Gloves.

Goggles: I wear the Roxy Broadway ($45-65) goggle. If it’s sunny, I use iridium lenses, but if there are any clouds at all, I like amber lenses best.

Riding style: Powder is probably the most fun. My favorite scenario is when I’m challenging myself and learning new things with good friends. The only thing I don’t enjoy is contest riding, but that’s to be expected.