What The Pros Are Rockin’

Colin Langlois
Age: 23
Sponsors: Burton, Anon., Mountain Dew, Grenade Gloves, Eastern Boarder, IPath
Years snowboarding: About a decade
Home: Mammoth Lakes, California
Height: 6’3
Weight: 175 pounds
Stance: Goofy, 23 inches wide, with eighteen degrees in the front and negative-six in back.
Forward lean: A little bit.
Board: I ride the Burton UnInc. Series for everything--a Gigi ’58 ($500) in parks, on rails, and for jibbing: and a DCP ’61 ($500) for powder and big jumps.
Boots: Burton Shaun White, size nine in black ($240).
Bindings: Burton Mission Limited Cartel in tan and white ($200).
Personal Settings: I use fire-dried boots, and I take my FLADS off.
Tuning techniques: You gotta dull your edges for street rails and wax your board for everything else. I wax my board weekly. Speed is my friend.
Riding style: Balls out.