What The Pros Are Rockin’ 15.8

Name: Kevin Christopher Jones
Age: Older than Danny Kass and younger than Todd Richards.
Sponsors: Jeenyus, Billabong, Von Zipper, Drake, Northwave, TSG, DVS, Mammoth, Apollo
Home: Truckee and Mammoth, California.
Stance: Regular, 22.75 inches wide, not that much angle in the front and a little more in the back-duck.
Forward Lean: A lot.
Board: Jeenyus Kevin Jones pro model 153 or 159 cm, or 162 in powder.
Boots: Kevin Jones Northwaves.
Outerwear: My signature Billabong pants and jackets-the darker the color, the better. Black is my favorite.
Accessories: I don’t have a glove sponsor, so I usually wear whatever my friends will give me. For eyewear-anything Von Zipper sends me-they’re all good fo’ goggles.
Superstitions: I never say, “Last run,” because it just might be.
Innerwear: I usually wear a thong.
What You’re Wearing On Fishing Trips: Waders and spiked boots.
Favorite Spot To Catch Trout: I can’t tell you that.
Amount Of Stuff That Fits In The Back Of Your Truck: Two snowmobiles, a boat, and three Peter Lines.

Photo: Rucker