What The Pros Are Rockin’ 15.7

What The Pros Are Rockin’

Name: Jean-Francois Pelchat
Age: 29
Sponsors: Rossignol, Iris, Wildcats, Quiksilver, DaKine
Home: Whistler, British Columbia
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 145 lbs.
Board: Rossignol Premier 154 cm with de-tuned edges in the front and back.
Boots: No paycheck, so no name here.
Bindings: I’ve been trying Rossignols, and they seem to work really well, but I am not officially riding them. I also use Ekard highbacks on these babies.
Stance: Regular, 17.5 inches wide, 31.5 degrees on the front and 28.6 on the back with cants under both bindings.
Forward Lean: Close to none.
Board Consumption: This is a tricky question-if I answer only a few, then my sponsors are going to send me that amount next year and things will not be good for my resale cash flow. So I will have to say about 30 boards, give or take.
Outerwear: You can catch me riding the latest trend-a two-tone one-piece suit, gray and wine red, designed by Hugo Boss and produced by Quiksilver.
Streetwear: Quiksilver, Hugo Boss, and Parasuco-for making girls’ asses look so good.
Accessories: I am shredding in the Convex and Profile goggles from Iris because they fit well and look good. DaKine is also hooking me up with gloves, backpacks, and all their cool goodies for the backcountry.
Superstitions: I don’t really have any, but there is that one time when I got my rocks off the night before and couldn’t stomp a trick the next day. I had just returned from Japan, and the fact that I was jetlagged didn’t help me-but there’s no solid evidence.

Photo: Dano Pendygrasse