What The Pros Are Rockin’ 15.6

Name: Matthew James LeBel
Age: 19
Sponsors: Supernatural, Volcom, Dragon, ThirtyTwo, Etnies, Defcon, Active Ride Shop, Clive, Eleventeen
Home: Mammoth, California in the winter, and the beach in Southern California during the summer.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Board: Supernatural 156 cm
Boots: ThirtyTwo TM2s in black and red
Bindings: I like Burton bindings, so I usually get some of those and paint them all one color.
Stance: Regular, around twenty or 21 inches wide. My angles are different every time I change my stance, but usually around twenty degrees in the front and about negative fifteen in the back.
Forward Lean: Yeah, a little bit.
Board Consumption: It just depends what I’m doing. I go through a lot more boards jibbing than jumping. Supernatural boards are so good anyway that I usually don’t go through that many.
Sticker Art: You gotta have all the sponsors’ stickers, and maybe a skate sticker or a hot girl. I try to get my roommate Matt Hammer to sign my board, but he never does. He always gives me the hardest tricks to do and says if I land them, then he’ll sign it.
Outerwear: I’ve been wearing the Volcom Trailblazer pants in charcoal and the Flothru jacket in white, red, and gray.
Innerwear: I usually wear a long-sleeve shirt and maybe a sweater. I hate to be cold, so if it’s really freezing out I’ll just keep putting tons of clothes on and a big puffy jacket.
Accessories: Usually a Volcom beanie, some Dragon goggles, Defcon gloves, and an Eleventeen bracelet.
Streetwear: Volcom makes some pretty cool stuff. I don’t have a favorite fashion designer. I like a lot of different ones¿usually whatever makes the girls’ heads turn.