What is the K2 Snowboarding Alliance?

The K2 Snowboarding Alliance formed back in 2004 as effort to unite female snowboarders all across the globe to share ideas and keep the stoke of snowboarding alive and well. After a brief lull, the program has resurged and is a key initiative for K2. So just what is the Rider's Alliance? We reached out to Alyssa Clark, K2's Women's Team Manager and leader of the Alliance, for the full scoop.

What is the K2 Snowboarding Alliance and when did it start?

The K2 Snowboarding Alliance is a collective of girls around the world who act as brand ambassadors for K2, but who focus on helping develop and design the women's line with our in house crew of engineers, marketers and graphic designers.

The Alliance started over ten years ago with a core group of riders, but that group has evolved over the years to become what it is today.  A beautiful mess of girls that are passionate about the sport and who truly care about contributing to women's snowboarding.


Leanne Pelosi checking out a prototypes in Whistler. Photo: Ashley Baker on @k2SnowAlliance

How many women are a part of the K2 Snowboarding Alliance?

It's hard to say really. We welcome any girl who rides on K2 to call herself an Alliance member. As far as the number of girls who are connected with our in house staff, I would say about thirty. All of our athletes are considered Alliance members, we have regional representatives and then we keep in touch with various industry gals who are considered part of the program.

How many Women’s Alliance Meetings are held annually, and when will the next meeting be?

We strive to have two meetings every year where the whole crew is together, brainstorming and creating the future; one in the winter and one in the summer. Beyond that, the girls receive a ton of surveys and emails throughout the calendar year requesting their feedback on all sorts of things such as graphics, product names, events, product performance, etc. We try to involve them in every aspect of business. The tagline "for women, by women" has always been our number one focus so consumers know the product they're buying has truly been developed for them by females who live and breath snowboarding.

How were the girls selected for the recent Alliance Meeting at Mount Hood?

We wanted a nice mix of girls to attend our most recent trip to Oregon. There were a few athletes, a few regional riders, retail buyers from the surf and snow industries, and a few girls from K2 Japan because they are a huge part of our business. We also had representatives from our Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Design teams to help round it out.


Morgan Lynne hand plants at Hood. Photo: @K2SnowAlliance

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