Westlife, NHS To Build Tool Belt

LOS ANGELES ¿ Westlife Distribution Inc., owners of the 686 Enterprises snowboard outerwear brand and NHS, Inc., owners of the Independent Truck Company brand, are joining forces to manufacture and distribute the Patented World Famous Tool Belt within the skate industry. The product will debut at the September ASR Tradeshow in San Diego, California and ship to customers in spring 2002.

During the last five years, Westlife Distribution Inc., which holds the exclusive patent of the Tool Belt, has manufactured and distributed the product under the 686 Enterprises brand as the Tool Belt “Snowboarding.” However, the recent agreement between the two companies allows the Tool Belt “Skateboarding” to be manufactured and distributed to skate shops worldwide. Westlife Distribution Inc. will manufacture the Tool Belt “Skateboarding” and NHS, Inc. will distribute and market the product under the Independent Truck Company brand.

“We had been fooling around with tool designs for skateboarding for many years,” states Bob Denike, President of NHS, Inc. “We wanted to avoid a me-too product, it had to be one of a kind in skateboarding. Many of our employees use the 686 Tool Belt for snowboarding and have been talking about this product, as well as the 686 brand, since its inception. It seemed natural to team 686 together with Independent and come out with the most functional skate tool yet. 686 Enterprises has great Product Design and Independent Truck Company has the strongest brand name and distribution in skateboarding. This tool belt is going to be a slam dunk,” Denike adds.

“The Tool Belt is a unique product and we felt NHS, Inc./Independent Truck Company was the right home,” said Jono Zacharias, Vice President of Sales, Westlife Distribution Inc. “Independent Truck Company is the top selling skateboard truck in the world, making this an ideal partnership for the expansion of our Tool Belt product,” said Zacharias.

The invention of the Tool Belt concept was created by Doug Sumi, Vice President of Operations, Westlife Distribution Inc. Sumi thought of the innovative product while on a 16- hour snowboarding trek several years ago. “I am truly stoked to see the progression of the idea turn into something much bigger,” said Sumi. “I know the product will go off in the skateboard scene,” adds Sumi.

Founded in 1992, Westlife Distribution Inc. manufactures and distributes the brand 686 Enterprises, a leading technical snowboard outerwear company. For additional information about Westlife Distribution Inc visit its web site at www.686enterprises.com.