Westbeach Shop Creates Volcom Concept Store

Vancouver, BC, April 23, 2004 — Westbeach the Shop transformed 700 sq ft of space into Canada’s first ever Volcom concept store. Companied with Vancouver’s original indoor mini ramp, Volcom and Westbeach the Shop have created an amazing shopping area within the store to feature Volcom’s progressive clothing. The ramp was resurfaced with black Skatelite, and the entire ramp area was painted black to give the true style of Volcom. Legendary snowboarder/artist, Jamie Lynn hand painted the walls within the section to give a true unique look to the new section of the store.

Westbeach the Shop has worked closely with Volcom on the development of this space since September 2003 when the idea came up. Fixtures, pop, light boxes and signage all provided by Volcom to make this space distinctive to the rest of the store.

The timing of the new store is perfect as all the latest reports from D.A. Davidson & Co. and the SBC Business magazine list Volcom as the number one men’s and women’s apparel brand in both the US and Canada. Volcom is Westbeach’s number one apparel brand, so the partnership with Volcom makes sense.

After five hard days of painting and merchandising, Westbeach the Shop opens up the section for full business on Monday March 1 — showcasing all of Volcom’s latest spring clothing and accessories. With the help of Rob Williamson the BC Sales Rep, Zoltan Katchanoski Westbeach’s Brand Merchandiser, and Deanne Gale Whistler Blackcomb’s Snowboard Softgoods Buyer, the team has created one of the more interesting shopping experiences in Vancouver.

“We are stoked to provide Vancouver with a unique Snowboard, Skateboard, Surf shop. After a year of renovations to bring the entire store up to seismic standards, add wheelchair accessibility, new eyewear towers at the cash desk, and a new fresh paint job, the Volcom store is the final step to bringing this store a fresh look and give our customer’s a great place to skate indoors on top of an amazing shopping experience. We are proud to be the only store to offer Volcom on the W4th block!” D Gale, Snowboard Softgoods Buyer.

To kick off the new Volcom ramp and section, Westbeach the Shop will be having an industry party for Slam City Jam of Friday April 30. Volcom will be providing bands from their Volcom Entertainment division. This promises to be a memorable party!