Westbeach Seeking New Owners

Westbeach Sports Inc. announced today that the company will seek new ownership before the end of the calendar year. While details on the sale are not yet available, Micky McDonald, President & CEO, says that the rationale is pretty simple, “Because of the double digit growth we have seen in some of our key markets, we are now in a position to take Westbeach to the next level…our ownership needs to reflect that drive to further develop the organization”.

Led by inspirational founder, Chip Wilson, Westbeach was first established in 1979 as Westbeach Surf Co., a small surf/skate shop based out of Western Canada. Over the last 25 years Westbeach has grown into an international snow, skate and surf apparel company with key markets in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. Ownership changed hands in the late 90’s and is now held by a single private investor. The head office is located in Vancouver, BC with European Headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria.

“We need to build on the existing infrastructure if we are to continue to grow. Our team has done a tremendous job to date to ensure that this transition will be seamless,” says McDonald on the impact of the sale on Westbeach, “this is a huge opportunity for growth in a fast developing market. We are driving this change.”

Please direct media questions or inquiries regarding the above release to Sally Parrott (sally@westbeach.com)