This month, no day of the week is off limits for “making party”. So, on Monday night TransWorld headed up to LA for what was definitely the party to end all parties, the WE Clothing Store Grand opening on Robertson Boulevard.

WE is a clothing company based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Managing Director Greger Hagelin says, “WE was built by a tightly-knit group of people with a solid background in clothing, skateboarding and snowboarding. It is neither a skateboard nor a snowboard clothing company; WE is an urban fashion company with its roots in skateboarding and snowboarding.

Skateboarders and snowboarders who are part of the WE Activists are Chris Pastras and Jason Lee (who started Stereo skateboards), vert skater Mathias Ringstrom and snowboarders Ingemar Backman, Fredrik Sarvell, Michi Albin, and Whistler rider Tosh Osaka.

The night started at the new store on 144 South Robertson Blvd and continued to the downtown Standard Hotel. It was all velvet ropes and open bar on the rooftop. Who was there? Beck.

Who else? Hard tellin’ not knowin’. Familiar faces in the crowd included Wille Yli Youma, Alexis Waite, Max Jenke, and Sal Masakela. Other faces were the chartered planeload of WE employees brought over from Sweden for this one night.

The best part of the party was what didn’t happen. The rumor mill was cranking overtime. “The Beastie Boys are going to play.” “Justin Timberlake got turned away at the velvet ropes.” “The pool is going to get drained and a heavy skate sess will commence.”

It turns out that the fashion show and the open bar were the highlights and Leah Stassen captured it. Check the slideshow to see what you’ll be wearing next season and how beautiful the LA people really are.

We is online at